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Beryl made this Official Information request to WorkSafe New Zealand

WorkSafe New Zealand did not have the information requested.

From: Beryl

Dear WorkSafe New Zealand,


I am a close friend of an 89 y.o man living alone, who receives home help once weekly. I am concerned that little attention is paid to his kitchen apart from the floor. I have recently spent several hours working on his kitchen whilst he was in hospital but only made a dent in the work, to make the place a little more wholesome. The helper was there for her services during one visit, cleaning the floor but moving very little, changing the bed linen and cleaning one mirror, WC, basin and possibly the shower. The washing of linen and bathroom mats was delegated to me.

I am an octogenarian myself, in a serviced apartment, and did not look upon the jobs I took on voluntarily, as a recreational pursuit. For example, an unsavoury fridge with spattered walls and stained vegetable containers, and a toaster piled high with blackened crumbs and rejected burnt offerings propped up, surely should have been noticed for a start. Does anyone carry out spot audits of what has been done? I need to have some idea of the standards and scope of the work expected, in the helper's limited time, before I can properly and fairly evaluate the situation. His son and grandson who live out in the country would be happy to accept the status quo.

The very elderly man is grateful for what he gets, and for the socialisation the cleaner provides but in my view the standard is not satisfactory. My base line, however, may be too high. I need to know the cleaner's role and duties in the time allocated by Work and Income to give me a guide in my assessment please.

I look forward to your advice about my concerns before taking the matter any further.

Kind regards

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From: WorkSafe New Zealand OIA
WorkSafe New Zealand

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Thank you for contacting WorkSafe New Zealand. This email is to confirm
that we have received your correspondence.

If your correspondence relates to an Official Information Act request, you
can check the maximum time limit within which WorkSafe must respond here:
[1]Ombudsman’s OIA Response Calculator


If we need to clarify, or transfer your request, or extend the timeframe
for response, we will contact you shortly.

If you need to report a notifiable event you can do so on our 0800 030 040
number at any time. Other enquiries can be made from 8.30am – 5pm Monday
to Friday.


Kind regards


Ministerial Services – WorkSafe New Zealand

National Office, Level 6, 86 Customhouse Quay, PO Box 165, Wellington 6140

E  [2][email address]

P  (04) 897 7699

W   [3]www.worksafe.govt.nz




[5]www.govt.nz - your guide to finding and using New Zealand government

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1. http://www.ombudsman.parliament.nz/
2. mailto:[email address]
3. http://www.worksafe.govt.nz/
5. http://www.govt.nz/

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WorkSafe New Zealand

Good afternoon

Thank you for your query.  Support services for older people are provided
by the District Health Boards, following a needs assessment. I can't see
where you are so I can't give you
contact details - but please ring your local DHB and ask to speak to the
Health of Older People team:



Ministry of Health
PO Box 5013
Wellington 6145
Free phone: 0800 855 066
Phone: (04) 496 2000
Healthline: 0800 611 116
Email: [email address]

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From: WorkSafe New Zealand OIA
WorkSafe New Zealand

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Dear Eileen


Thank you for your email.  It is great that you provide the support and
help that you do to your elderly friend and we agree that it should not be
up to you to complete the cleaning to a satisfactory standard.
Unfortunately, this is not a matter in which WorkSafe New Zealand can
become involved. 


We suggest you talk directly to Work and Income or the agency that is
providing home help to your friend and raise your concerns with them.


We regret we can’t be of more assistance and wish you both well in
resolving this matter.


Kind regards



Ministerial Services

Strategy and Performance






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Mark Montgomery left an annotation ()

The requester has asked for information that WorkSafe NZ does not have, and as the requester has not provided information on where they are cannot transfer the request to the appropriate District Health Board,
Hence the request is refused

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