CCTV Footage Intersection SH1 and Hudson Rd Warkworth

Kane made this Official Information request to Auckland Transport

Auckland Transport did not have the information requested.

From: Kane

Dear Auckland Transport,

Are you able to please provide CCTV footage of Intersection SH1 and Hudson Rd Warkworth on 1.04.2018 between 7.15pm and 7.25pm regarding a car accident

Yours faithfully,

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From: AT Official Information (AT)
Auckland Transport

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Dear Kane,


Thank you for your correspondence to Auckland Transport requesting CCTV
footage at the intersection of SH1 and Hudson Road, Warkworth.


Following a review of your request, we are of the opinion the information
to which your request relates is more closely connected with the functions
of the NZ Transport Agency (‘NZTA’). Accordingly, we have transferred your
request to NZTA for action, pursuant to section 12 of the Local Government
Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.


You can expect to receive a response on your request from NZTA directly,
within 20 working days from 16 April 2018. Their Official Correspondence
Team who are managing your request have been copied in, should you wish to
contact them regarding your request.  


Yours sincerely,


Norma Tinai | Customer Liaison Advisor [2]Description: Description:
Description: Description:
Privacy & LGOIMA Portfolios Description: Description:
Description: Description:
Customer Liaison Team Description: Description:
Private Bag 92250, Auckland 1142 Email-Signature


P 09 355 3553 | [1]

[3]cid:image002.jpg@01D238E0.86F57A30[4]cid:image003.jpg@01D238E0.86F57A30 [5]cid:image004.jpg@01D238E0.86F57A30 [6]cid:image005.jpg@01D238E0.86F57A30[7]cid:image006.jpg@01D238E0.86F57A30



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From: Official Correspondence

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Dear Kane


Please find attached the response to your request of 11 April 2018 for
information under the Official Information Act 1982.




_________  _____________________________________________   


Ministerial Services

Governance, Stakeholders and Communications

50 Victoria Street, Private Bag 6995, Wellington 6141, New Zealand 

_________  _____________________________________________   


            [2]cid:image002.jpg@01CF322A.4C836B10 [3]cid:image003.jpg@01CF322A.4C836B10 [4]cid:image004.jpg@01CF322A.4C836B10  





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