I would like to know your ethnic wardens project

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From: john luke

Dear New Zealand Police,

I understand that NZ police has established the ethnic wardens project. I am wondering where is this project currently pilot and what is the selection requirements for someone become an ethnic wardens. Also I would like to know what is the ethnic warden's role and responsibilities.

Yours faithfully,

John Luke

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From: TALAGI, Salote
New Zealand Police

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Dear Mr Luke


I acknowledge receipt of your request for information relating to the
ethnic wardens project, received by Police.  Your request will be dealt
with under the Official Information Act 1982.



Kind regards


Salote Talagi

Ministerial Services


E  [1][email address]


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From: SIAKI, Fagaesea (Faga)
New Zealand Police

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Hi John,


Please find below the answers to your query regarding the Ethnic Wardens.
I hope this covers everything that you needed to know, otherwise feel free
to email me back.

The answers below are from one of my staff who has worked closely with the
set-up of the Ethnic Wardens.




·         The ethnic wardens project has been established in Waitemata.

·         It is not a pilot project it is actually  reestablishment of
Waitakere wardens project which was established a few years ago, similar
project under different name ASPN [ I think Auckland Safety Patrol Network
or Asian Safety Patrol Network].

·         The selection requirement for interested applicant is very
simple. Be enthusiastic and energetic to help and support in your local
community. All applicants are to be vetted by police vetting department.

·         The role and responsibilities for volunteers are not imposed
specifically,  basically they are trained to be eyes and ears for police
and communities while keeping their own safety paramount. Wardens are
often requested to work on big events as patrollers where their visual
presences could contribute towards crime prevention.  At times they may
get requested to distribute crime prevention material e.g. vehicle safety
pamphlets in car parks  to educate motorists to  prevent theft from cars


Hope this helps.


Kind Regards



Sergeant Sila Fagaesea Siaki

Pacific Liaison Co-ordinator


P +64 9 213 8051
M +64 21 191 4056

E [1][email address]


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