Poisoned by wild boar meat

Graham Carter made this Official Information request to Waikato District Health Board

The request was partially successful.

From: Graham Carter

Dear Waikato District Health Board,

The medical notes for the Kochumman family that was poisoned by wild boar in Putaruru, raise some questions:
(1) 1080 was the number 1 suspect, according to the poisoned patients' medical notes. The Waikato DHB states that they have tested for 1080.
However the date of the urine test was 18 days after hospitalisation, which is outside of the time that 1080 is detectable in urine (it is excreted from urine within seven days of ingestion - See Charles Eason's Vertebrate Pesticides Toxicology Manual for further details).
(2) None of the meat collected by MPI has been tested for 1080. This was confirmed in a meeting with the WDHB yesterday. Someone should ask why it was not tested, when the patients' medical notes say the wild boar meat should be tested for 1080.
(3) Why did they continue to say it was botulism when they knew early on that the symptoms didn't fully align?
(4) Why has neither the WDHB nor MPI followed up with the person who provided the wild boar meat to Shibu's family?
This information is held by the WDHB. It could be a public health risk as this person has probably supplied meat to others.

Yours faithfully,

Graham Carter

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Alan Thompson left an annotation ()

You are mis-using the provisions of the Official Information Act to make such statements about this matter via this service. As you are not actually asking for specific information (versus making vague references to reasons for action/in-action) you will almost certainly get the standard reply.

Maybe use other forums if you want to grandstand on this matter?

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From: Eileen Holliday
Waikato District Health Board

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Good morning Mr Carter,


Please find attached our reply to your recent OIA request


Kind regards, Eileen



Eileen Holliday | Personal Assistant to Mark Spittal Executive Director
Community & Clinical Support | Waikato District Health Board |

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From: Official Information Act

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Dear Graham Carter,


On behalf of Andrea Speir, Acting Manager, Ministerial and Business
Support, I enclose our response to your Official Information Act requests.




Samantha Rickard | Adviser – Official Information Act (Regulation and

Office of the Director-General | Ministerial and Business Support

Ministry for Primary Industries - Manatû Ahu Matua | Pastoral House 25 The
Terrace | PO Box 2526 | Wellington 6140 | New Zealand

Web: [1]www.mpi.govt.nz



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