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Thomas Holmes made this Official Information request to University of Waikato

The request was refused by University of Waikato.

From: Thomas Holmes

Dear University of Waikato,

I am requesting copies of the contract and any related documents, between the University of Waikato and the provider of security services.

I am also requesting the following information:
1. How many security guards work for the security provider;
2. How many security guards are at work on average at any given point during the day;
3. How many security guards are at work on average at any given point during the night;
4. Please provide a breakdown of the services provided by the security provider to the University.
5. The total per annum cost of the contract and what this is used for.

Yours faithfully,

Thomas Holmes

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From: Shona Foster
University of Waikato

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Dear Thomas


Some information about the University’s security services is publicly
available on the University’s website here:


The further or other information you have requested is:

(a)    confidential and commercially sensitive and withheld on the grounds
set out in sections 9(2)(b)(ii), 9(2)(ba) and 9(2)(j) of the Official
Information Act 1982; and/or

(b)    withheld for safety and security reasons (sections 6(c),  9(2)(c)
and 9(2)(e) of the Official Information Act 1982). 


To the extent applicable, we do not consider the reasons for withholding
the information are outweighed by public interest in making the
information available.   


You have the right to seek an investigation and review by the Ombudsman of
this decision. Information about how to make a complaint is available at
[2] or freephone 0800 802 602.


Yours sincerely




Shona Foster  / 
In-House Counsel /
Office of the

[3]cid:image001.jpg@01D1F703.BEC1CEB0 University of
Waikato  /  Private
Bag 3105  / 
Hamilton 3240  /  New
 /  ph  + 64 7 838
4466 ext 5043

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