Rate of sexual violence on campus across a ten year period

luca elder made this Official Information request to University of Waikato

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From: luca elder

Dear University of Waikato,

We wish to know about how many acts/experiences of sexual violence have been reported to the university (including whether or not these instances have been passed onto New Zealand Police and/or resulted in conviction).

We would like the number of sexual violence reports made to the university, and for these to be broken up by the different types of sexual violence that are being reported:
- Unwanted filming of a person in a sexually harassing/demeaning way
- Nonconsensual photo and/or video sharing of a person’s intimate and/or sexual photos/videos
- Online or in-person sexual harassment in the form of comments, persistent harassment for 'sex', stalking and/or rape threats
- Sexual assault and/or unwanted groping
- Rape (including anal and digital rape--forms still not recognised by New Zealand law)
- Intimate partner violence in which sexual violence has been involved
- Flatting violence in which sexual violence has been involved

We wish to have these reports broken down year by year (for the past ten years, including the year still in progress), by the different forms outlined above, by the source of the report (student or staff, rape survivor or concerned friend/family member).

Additionally, we wish for statistical data of the number of expulsions, trespass orders and reparations that have occurred after such reportings of the accused.

We recognise sexual violence is a sensitive issue as we are survivors of rape ourselves. We recognise also the importance of seeing what the rate of reporting of various forms of sexual violence is as an important step in our broader communities coming to terms with sexual violence and the current state of reporting. We are seeking information through all New Zealand universities and polytechs as we recognise this is not unique to one university, but a global problem beyond that of New Zealand and the university site.

ka mihi nui,
Kyra Gillies, Chris Lam, Luca Elder

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From: Shona Foster
University of Waikato

Dear Kyra, Chris and Luca


We acknowledge receipt of your request, thank you.


Kind regards

Shona Foster

In-House Counsel



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From: Shona Foster
University of Waikato

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Dear Kyra Gillies, Chris Lam and Luca Elder


I attach the University of Waikato’s response to your request, which has
been considered under the Official Information Act.


Yours sincerely




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