Number of times Fergusson Intermediate School has used the NZ Police for delivering RAAYS letters

Howard Rait made this Official Information request to Fergusson Intermediate (Trentham)

The request was refused by Fergusson Intermediate (Trentham).

From: Howard Rait

Dear Fergusson Intermediate (Trentham),

Please advise the number of times for each year (as below) that Fergusson Intermediate School (School) has used members of the New Zealand Police to deliver any Raising Awareness Across our Youth Sector (RAAYS) Letters the School has raised, as is it written in the process that the School supplied myself and has confirmed (via the Board of Trustees) they use when using the RAAYS process.
Please supply the information for the following years:
2016, and
Note: The Process states
" The Police agrees that they will:
Deliver a letter provided by the school, to the identified parents / guardians, within three days of receipt from the school. The delivery must be made by a uniformed officer in a marked car".

Yours faithfully,

Howard Rait

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Catherine Marks <> A lawyer from the legal firm Russell Mcveagh was engaged by the school and has advised this request has been refused (like all my other requests).

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