Explanation as to why my Request is considered Frivolous or Vexatious

Howard Rait made this Official Information request to Fergusson Intermediate (Trentham)

The request was refused by Fergusson Intermediate (Trentham).

From: Howard Rait

Dear Fergusson Intermediate (Trentham),
for the attention of Ros Connelly.

In relation to my previous OIA request titled "RAAYS and Signature block of Principal" dated 07 June 2017 submitted through this website, which you " refused". See link below


Please provide a detailed explanation as to why you consider this previous request to be "frivolous or vexatious".

NOTE: It was yourself who has replied twice to myself previously stating the Principal (Paul Patterson) has signed his name and used a title block of "Principal / Board of Trustees Chairperson" (which he is not the Board of Trustees Chairperson), which is exactly what I was asking the reason for.

Yours faithfully,

Howard Rait

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Catherine Marks <catherine.marks@russellmcveagh.com> A lawyer from the legal firm Russell Mcveagh was engaged by the school and has advised this request has been refused (like all my other requests).

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