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From: Iain Fergusson

Dear Human Rights Commission,

What is the gender pay gap at the HRC?

I would like to know the median hourly pay across all workers (the method recommended by Statistics NZ) for males and females at the HRC.

Yours faithfully,

Iain Fergusson

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The human rights commission has published their gender pay gap here:

The Human Rights Commission has released its Gender Pay Gap data for 2017:

At the HRC the average salary was $103,229 for men and $95,372 for women, excluding the statutory roles held by the six Commissioners and the Director of the Office of Human Rights Proceedings whose remuneration is determined by the Remuneration Authority.

This compares to the average salary in the Public Service of $80,293 for men and $69,438 for women [1].

Almost 70% of the Commission’s 44 staff are female (excluding Statutory roles)

Unadjusted, the Commission’s gender pay gap is 10.4% (excluding Statutory roles). This salary gap is influenced by the relative numbers of women and men in different occupational roles and, the seniority and level of experience of individuals in those roles. The Public Service Gender Pay Gap is 13.5% [1].


There is also a more detailed table if you follow the link.

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