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C Jones made this Official Information request to Karaka School

The request was successful.

From: C Jones

Dear Karaka School,

In accordance with the Official Information Act:

1) Please advise if the recently appointed STEM Teacher or Learning Enrichment Teacher is a direct relative of the principal

2) Please advise if this job/these jobs were advertised internally to current staff, or were advertised externally, and if so, where and when (please provide copies if available)

3) Please advise if there were any other measures taken to ensure that the appointee was the best person for each position, as per the school appointment policy

4) Please advise how many applicants there were for this job/these jobs

5) Please provide a copy of the application package/s as provided to applicants for this job/these jobs

6) Please advise who sat on the appointments committee for this job/these jobs

7) Please provide details of any other measures taken by school management or the Board of Trustees, to manage any conflict of interest in the appointment process

Please provide this information electronically, to this FYI email address

Yours faithfully,

C Jones

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