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Ross Stewart made this Official Information request to Prime Minister

Response to this request is long overdue. By law Prime Minister should have responded by now (details and exceptions). The requester can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: Ross Stewart

Dear Prime Minister,
Prime Minister
Bill English

Dear Sir

Having lodged an request under the Freedom of Information Act NZ to the Minister of NZ Police on Wednesday 14 December 2016 which reads,
Minister Of New Zealand Police:
Mt Wellington Residential School/
Department of Education District Child Welfare Office
Was the New Zealand Police notified of information from the Department of Education District Child Welfare Office in Auckland in January 1961 regarding evidence of a Handyman/relief Housemaster employee employed at Mt.Wellington Residential School suspected of improprieties towards male/s pupils attending Mt Wellington Residential School?
Did Department of Education District Child Welfare Office in Auckland New Zealand provide the New Zealand Police of the suspected employees name and details of suspected improprieties committed?
Were any investigations undertaken by the New Zealand Police into the Department of Education District Child Welfare Office request in locating a missing suspect employee of Mt Wellington Residential School?
Yours faithfully,

I was informed that an answer would by no later than 01 February 2017, this being 20 days which is stated under the act for the information to be released yet so far no answer is forthcoming from FYI.ORG.NZ except for a reply that the Minister of Police is very busy and will attend to this request at an appropriate time.
Is this common practice for the Minister Of NZ Police to treat such requests under the Freedom Of Information Act with such contempt?
I also am busy and would appreciate this request be taken seriously enough so the information is forthcoming

Yours Faithfully

Ross Stewart

Yours faithfully,

Ross Stewart

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From: B English (MIN)
Prime Minister

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From: Sarah Boyle

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