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Matthew Hooton made this Official Information request to Prime Minister

Response to this request is long overdue. By law Prime Minister should have responded by now (details and exceptions). The requester can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: Matthew Hooton

Dear Prime Minister,

Under OIA, could I please have copies of all policy papers, submissions etc and other communications from all governmental sources (e.g. Treasury, DPMC) that led to the government's policy announcement on 6 March 2017 of a plan to progressively raise the retirement age to 67.

The info can be released via rather than directly to me.

Yours faithfully,

Matthew Hooton

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From: B English (MIN)
Prime Minister

Thank you for your email to the Prime Minister.


This is an automated response.


Please be assured that any matters you raise in your email will be noted;
however, not all messages will receive an individual response.


Yours sincerely

The Office of the Prime Minister



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From: Sarah Boyle

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From: S Joyce (MIN)
Prime Minister

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Kind regards

-          Katy


P.S Please send my regards to Uncle Terry and Sue!


Katy Greco-Ainslie

Private Secretary to Hon Steven Joyce

Minister of Finance

Minister for Infrastructure

The information contained in this email is privileged and confidential and
intended for the addressee only.  If you are not the intended recipient,
you are asked to respect that confidentiality and not disclose, copy or
make use of its contents.  If received in error you are asked to destroy
this email and contact the sender immediately.  Your assistance is



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paul Scott left an annotation ()

I am interested in the establishment of policy within MSD which is contrary to existing law.
Within Superannuation [SA] there is plenty of it.
De Facto relationships are invented by the senior Officers from various associations. De facto in NZ law requires a substantial relationship similar to marriage and of some duration.
However, this is grossly sidestepped by the " feminazi" MSD officers within the Brendam Boyle program of dismantling SA and other benefits.
The so-called Half Married rate is a particularly nasty invasion of the equity SA. It is completely without justification, and utterly contrary to the provisions in the Schedule 1 of the SA act.
MSD is rotten [ opinion], go to a WINZ office any day of the week. look and consider how the Ministry of Dysptopia incentivised its Staff to such Orwellian purposes.

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