Security Patrols in Postrgraduate Areas

Ti Lamusse made this Official Information request to University of Auckland

The request was partially successful.

From: Ti Lamusse

Dear University of Auckland,

I am interested in the frequency of security patrols to postgraduate student computer labs.

My questions are as follows:
1) Please name each postgraduate computer lab at the Auckland City Campus.
2) For each lab, please break down by year since 2010 the number of recorded security patrols, ID checks, and access card checks.
3) Please release any security policy particular to the Arts Postgraduate labs in the HSB building.
4) Is the University or security policy to more regularly patrol arts postgraduate labs over other postgraduate labs?
5) Does the University or security believe that there is a greater threat to the safety of staff and students in the arts postgraduate labs? If so, what is that threat or threats?
5) Has the University or security ever had a policy to more regularly patrol arts postgraduate labs over other postgraduate labs?
6) Please release the number of security incidents that have been reported in each postgraduate computer lab, broken down by year since 2010.
7) Is it the University's or security's policy to lock students in rooms without their consent, if security has deemed them to have behaved inappropriately?
8) Does the University or security believe it is within its rights to indefinitely detain those who security has deemed to have behaved inappropriately?
9) Does the University condone any physical contact between security guards and students? If so, what physical contact is acceptable? What physical contact is unacceptable?

Yours faithfully,

Ti Lamusse

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From: Rebecca Ewert
University of Auckland

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Dear Ti Lamusse


The University’s response to your request for information is attached.


Yours sincerely

Rebecca Ewert

General Counsel

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