Imported Seafood

Graham Carter made this Official Information request to Statistics New Zealand

The request was successful.

From: Graham Carter

Dear Statistics New Zealand,

How much of our sold and consumed in NZ is imported?
How much imported seafood is checked and tested?
What precautions are taken to ensure that anti-biotics, antifungals and antiparasitics are not in imported seafood?

What oversight or monitoring is done or carried out to ensure the correct regulations are adhered too?
What monitoring is done to ensure that restaurants, processed fish – fish markets indicate where their fish comes from and whether they were farmed or wild caught?

Yours faithfully,

Graham Carter

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From: Info Mailin - Shared Mailbox
Statistics New Zealand

Thank you for contacting Statistics New Zealand.  We will respond to your
enquiry within 2 working days. 

If your enquiry is urgent, please call us on 0508 525 525.


Information Centre Team

Statistics New Zealand Tatauranga Aotearoa




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From: Judith Turner
Statistics New Zealand

Attachment Graham Carter OIA response imported seafood.pdf
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Dear Mr Carter

Please find attached a response to your OIA request of 19 October.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions regarding this response.

Kind regards,

Judith Turner

Judith Turner
Senior Advisor – Strategic Support
Office of the Government Statistician & Chief Executive
Statistics New Zealand || Tatauranga Aotearoa
Ph: 04 931 4955|[mobile number]| Email: [email address]

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From: Judith Turner
Statistics New Zealand

Dear Mr Carter,

I noticed today that the status of this OIA request on the fyi-website is 'delayed', despite our response of 11 November being published there.

I am sure that is just an oversight and it would be great if you could change that status.

Many thanks, Judith Turner

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