Alex Hill made this Official Information request to New Zealand Defence Force

The request was refused by New Zealand Defence Force.

From: Alex Hill

Dear New Zealand Defence Force,

It is very well known, and expected, that the Government of New Zealand, and the ministries under her plan for likely contingencies.

Some of the contingencies are known to the public and some are not. For example, we know about NZJSP 201 (Prison Assist), 102 (Awhina), and 200 (Pluto).

However, very little is known about some other plans. Therefore, under the Official Information Act, I request the following information be made available:

1. A listing of all HQ NZDF Joint Service Plans (JSP), including
a. The mission of the plan, and if applicable, the situation of the plan.
2. The mission, and situation of JSP/Operation(s):
a. SARABAND; and

I am aware the nature of some JSPs may be at a CONFIDENTIAL level or higher (2a and 2b, for example), and I request for a declassification of the requested portions.

I also request the following Defence Force Order(s) under the OIA:
3. DFO 51 Volume 5 - Communications Security;
4. DFO 90 - Operational Doctrine and Joint Force Directives; and
5. DFO - Defence Secure Network

It is also knowledge that these DFOs are classified higher than RESTRICTED, so please take whatever action is deemed necessary.

For the purpose of the OIA, I am a NZ citizen currently residing in New Zealand.

Yours faithfully,

A. J. Hill

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From: Ministerial Services
New Zealand Defence Force

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