Definition and Procedures for Biometrics Identifications

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From: Aaron Livingston

Dear Minister of Justice,

As stated in the "Enhancing Identity Verification and Border Processes Legislation Bill"

There is a Bio-Metrics system presummed.

As we in NZ do not have this type of system (Excluding Banking and Immigration)

What are the definitions of such a term, and what is or will be the system to be used for this bill's ID system?

Will RealME be used?

Will we all need a new integrated Drivers licence for this system?

As stated in the bill, if one does not produce the said Biometrics Identification at the border or nationwide that said person could be detained or arrested.

Do you not see this as a Nazi styled checkpoint system and(or) forceful system that will make your average person a criminal because many will not wish to be associated with such a system?

There are many like me concerned for this, because of what we have seen with overseas countries using this system. (India for banking, and USA for nationwide ID and for Military Zones collecting this data on locals), people like me would be concerned because this puts everyone in to a globalist system that has information on everything about them they do not wish to give up in the name of security.

Please answer these questions honestly and transparently.

Yours faithfully,

Aaron Livingston

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Yesterday I sent a personal email to Amy Adams with the similar questions, still have no reply. This Bill sounds like it will bring in the very same system being used in India to collect data and identification for customers with banks (I might add they cannot use anything else, therefore forcing them to use this system.) The same for America nationwide and connected with their Drivers Licences and also for American war zones in the middle east for collecting data on locals,

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From: Adelaide Gleadow

Dear Mr Livingston

On behalf of Hon Amy Adams, Minister of Justice, I acknowledge your Official Information Act request of 14 September 2016, below.

The Minister is considering the request and will respond in accordance with the Official Information Act.

Kind regards

Adelaide Gleadow | Private Secretary Justice and Courts
Office of Hon Amy Adams |Parliament Buildings Wellington

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