How do I found out does my son have a border alert?

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From: J

Dear New Zealand Customs Service,

I have recently separated with my wife, I'm planning to take my son to oversea for a fresh breakaway holiday for a week and then return to New Zealand.

I would like to know how do I find out whether or not my son has a border alert on him? who to contact and what is the procedure to find out?

Yours faithfully,


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New Zealand Customs Service

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Good morning J


Thank you for your request asking how do you find out whether your son has
a border alert preventing him from being removed from New Zealand.


Customs can provide this information, however we have to ensure that it is
being released to a person who is entitled to it.  Customs would therefore
need to sight some form of photographic identification for you and your
son (if intending to travel he would need a passport) such as the
biographical detail (photo) page of the passports.  This information can
be copied and emailed to [1][email address].



Robin O’Connor | Senior Operations Analyst | New Zealand Customs Service |

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