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[User 4230 name redacted] made this Official Information request to Normandale School

The request was partially successful.

From: [User 4230 name redacted]

Dear Normandale School,

I draw your attention to the HCC Crime Free Schools Project -

Please advise the number of trespass orders the school has issued in the last ten years.

For each trespass order, please detail:

- the process that was followed by the school in assessing and deciding on whether to issue a trespass order
- the reason for the trespass order
- the length of time for each trespass order
- the mode of delivery of the trespass order
- any relevant appeal processes

Please also provide a copy of your school policy on issuing trespass orders if one exists, and any relevant guidance or procedural material for staff.

If possible, please respond by email via the FYI website. If necessary, copies of hard material can be collected by an agent from the school office.

Yours faithfully,

[Name redacted by admin]

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The response was sent privately instead of to FYI as requested. The response can be viewed here:

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From: [User 4230 name redacted]

Dear Stephanie Vincent, Board Chair of Normandale School,

Thank you for your partial response to my request for information.

I am aware of four trespass orders issued by the school, to three different people. I am sure you would be able to provide the reasons for the trespass orders, their terms, and the due process the school followed, in general terms that would prevent identification of the receivers of the trespass orders.

As the representative of the parent community, I am sure you will agree that there is strong public interest in why a school would trespass parents, especially for the maximum period of time available under the Trespass Act. Other schools would only do this as a last resort to curb antisocial behaviour.

As you are aware, parents have a legal right to access their child’s school and a clear interest in observing their child’s activities at school. The child also has a right to have their parent attend special celebrations, parent teacher interviews, etc. School staff and boards must follow due process and the principles of natural justice when overriding these basic parental rights for extended periods of time.

Guidance provided by Hutt City Council at the time, indicates they encouraged schools to use trespass orders to deal with vandalism and disorderly behaviour. It clearly states warnings should be given. redacted by admin]%20[Name redacted by admin].PDF.pdf Again there is public interest in whether due process was followed.

Please provide the information as originally requested.

Yours faithfully,

[Name redacted by admin]

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