New Zealand Home Quality over the past 50 years

Daniel (Account suspended) made this Official Information request to Statistics New Zealand

The request was refused by Statistics New Zealand.

From: Daniel (Account suspended)

Dear Statistics New Zealand,

I hereby request all information StatsNZ has in regards to the quality of New Zealand Homes, over the past 50 years.

Yours faithfully,


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From: Info Mailin - Shared Mailbox
Statistics New Zealand

Thank you for contacting Statistics New Zealand.  We will respond to your
enquiry within 2 working days. 

If your enquiry is urgent, please call us on 0508 525 525.


Information Centre Team

Statistics New Zealand Tatauranga Aotearoa




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From: Sean Broughton
Statistics New Zealand

Hi Daniel,


Thank you for your email of 20 May 2016, requesting, under the Official
Information Act 1982 (the Act), all information held by Statistics NZ
relating to the quality of New Zealand homes for the past 50 years.


Statistics NZ holds a wealth of information about housing, ranging from
information about physical dwellings, such as their size and
affordability, to the people who live in them, including their level of
satisfaction with their house. This information is freely available via
the [1]Housing section on Statistics NZ’s website. Below, I’ve included
links to relevant Statistics NZ information releases, data, and reports
and articles:

§  [2]New Zealand General Social Survey – this provides information about
the social and economic well-being of New Zealanders aged 15 years and
over, including perceptions of quality of housing

§  [3]Housing quality tables – this provides introductory information
about Statistics NZ’s housing statistics, and is based on 2001 Census data
and other sources

§  [4]Perceptions of housing quality in 2014/15 – published in 2015, this
article explores the perceived quality of housing in New Zealand

§  [5]Perceptions of housing quality in 2010/11: Exploratory findings from
the New Zealand General Social Survey – published in 2013, this article
explores people’s perceptions of the quality of their housing, with
a focus on the three main problems people reported: cold, damp, and

§  [6]Measuring housing quality: Potential ways to improve data collection
on housing quality in New Zealand – published in 2015, this article
discusses what is meant by housing quality and presents potential measures
of housing quality and possible ways to improve the collection of housing
quality statistics.


If you are seeking further information or have a more specific data
request, Statistics NZ’s Information Centre and Customised Data Services
Teams can help. You can contact them via email at [7][Statistics New Zealand request email],
or phone on 0508 525 525.


You have the right, by way of complaint to the Office of the Ombudsman
under section 28(3) of the Act, to seek an investigation and review of
this response to your request.


Kind regards,




Sean Broughton

Senior Advisor | Strategic Support

Office of the Government Statistician & Chief Executive

[8]Statistics New Zealand – Tatauranga Aotearoa

T: (04) 931 4755 | E: [9][email address]


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