New Tourism money for Taranaki

Dr Robert Shaw made this Official Information request to Minister for Tourism

The request was partially successful.

From: Dr Robert Shaw

Dear Minister for Tourism,
I was pleased to hear on the news today that you are allocating more money for the development of tourism. This is exciting news for Taranaki as we are unable to capture tourist dollars because of a lack of an adequate transport infrastructure. Hence, please indicate the expenditure you propose for Taranaki and any current projects you fund in Taranaki. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Robert Shaw

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From: J Key (MIN)
Minister for Tourism

On behalf of the Prime Minister, Rt Hon John Key, thank you for your
email.  The fact that you have taken the time to write is appreciated. 


While the Prime Minister considers all correspondence to be important, if
you are writing to express a personal view, your opinion will be noted but
a response beyond this acknowledgement may not necessarily be sent.


Yours sincerely

The Office of the Prime Minister



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From: Sarah Boyle

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