Excel copy of the Top 100 highest risk intersections

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From: Tony Randle

Dear New Zealand Transport Agency,

In 2014, the NZTA published a list of the "Top 100 Highest Risk Intersections". This is available in PDF format: https://www.nzta.govt.nz/assets/resource...

The PDF appears to be a read-only version of an original Excel Spreadsheet version of this information. While useful, further analysis of this information is difficult because the data in the PDF version must be manually turned back into Excel and this will involve significant work and will likely be prone to transcribing errors.

Can the NZTA please provide a copy of the Top 100 Highest Risk Intersections in Excel Spreadsheet format ?

Yours faithfully,

Tony Randle

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From: Official Correspondence
New Zealand Transport Agency

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Hi Tony


Thank you for your request.


A copy of the Top 100 Highest Risk Intersections in Excel format is
available on our website at point 3 under the heading "Browse
section/chapter" at:





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Andrew Martin / Manager, Official Information

Official Correspondence Unit

Strategy, Communications & Performance Group


DDI 64 4 894 6153

E [2][email address] / w [3]nzta.govt.nz

National Office / Victoria Arcade, 50 Victoria Street,
Private Bag 6995, Wellington 6141, New Zealand 

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From: Tony Randle

Dear Official Correspondence,


FYI I was using Google search to find the spreadsheet compatible version and couldn't find the page you provided. Even with adding the term "Excel" in the search Google didn't find this page (Google only kept showing the PFD version).

Yours sincerely,

Tony Randle

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The excel file is listed as a CSV file format on the site Martin provided.
"High risk intersections (CSV) — 1 pages, 9.1 KB"

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