Legal aid costs - Defending custody orders

Belinda Blair made this Official Information request to Ministry of Justice

The request was refused by Ministry of Justice.

From: Belinda Blair

Dear Ministry of Justice,

May I request the following information;

1. How many legal aid clients are being currently (or past year) funded for cases defending CYF custody orders in the family court. Specifically, cases relating to orders issued under 14(1)(E) of the Children, Young Persons and their families act 1989.

2. Of these clients, what is the total amount of legal aid funding that has been approved / paid to providers.

3. Of these clients, what is the highest amount of legal aid funding that has been approved / paid out to a provider, to date.

Thank you for your time.

Yours faithfully,

Belinda Blair

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From: Paltridge, Antony
Ministry of Justice

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Dear Belinda


Please find attached a response to your Official Information Act request.







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