Questions re the Wellington Airport Runway Extension

Dr Sea Rotmann made this Official Information request to Wellington City Council

The request was successful.

From: Dr Sea Rotmann

Dear Wellington City Council,

I have the following questions regarding the proposed runway extension:

1) How much money has WCC spent on advertising material for the runway extension in the last ten years (since the 2005 Masterplan)? Specifically, how much has WCC co-funded the website; Dom Post ads on the runway extension; and the Airport display?

2) Does the WCC agree that is indeed a join initiative by the WCC and WIAL (as stated on the website) or is this entirely funded and run by WIAL with no input from the Council?

3) What reports has the Council received to date for the $1m (May 2013) and $1.95m (Dec 2014) co-funding it has given to WIAL? Has the WCC received timely updates (as stated in the WCC/WIAL contract) of findings from each of the reports they co-funded? What evidence is there for such updates, if any?

4) What exactly have the $1.6m from the Long Haul Attraction Fund been spent on since 2006? I request to see a break-down of the costs and what the exact, direct outcomes were from this spending.

5) When will the resource consent reports WCC co-funded for WIAL be made public and will they be made available to the public in their entirety? Will they be made public before a Board of Inquiry process has been called on the premise of the content of these reports? Will consultation with the public be undertaken before the Board of Inquiry is called - as stated by WIAL to severely affected residents? Will the WCC or WIAL call for the Board of Inquiry?

6) What is the exact advice that has been given to the WCC, and by whom, on the way sea level rises will likely affect coastal infrastructure, such as the airport?

7) Has WCC done any work around the risks of rising insurance costs due to the coastal nature of large parts of Wellington City? How are rising insurance costs going to affect coastal infrastructure like the airport? What risk mitigation measures have been investigated?

8) Has the risk to the successful ongoing operation of the sewerage plant long outfall from the proposed runway extension been assessed by the WCC and Capacity?

9) Has the WCC undertaken any investigation into other New Zealand and Australian airports that have failed to attract long-haul airlines (or have lost them once subsidies disappeared) after extending their runway capacity? I hereby request to see this work, if it has been undertaken.

10) How many times was the Wellington airport and Moa Point Road shut down due to bad weather or other natural events over the last 5 years? When and for how long was it shut down each time and due to what event?

11) Did the WCC receive written consent by EY (and if, when) before using, and relying on the numbers described in the 2014 EY report on the airport extension? Did the WCC make their own enquiries on the assumptions and methodology used in the EY report before using these numbers to advertise the benefits of the runway extension to Wellington?

Yours faithfully,

Dr Sea Rotmann

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From: BUS: IRO
Wellington City Council

Thank you for your email, sent to the Issues Resolution Office at Wellington City Council.

This email address is monitored daily. Your email will be assessed and actioned in due course.

We appreciate your patience.

Wellington City Council Issues Resolution Office.

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From: Chris Brown
Wellington City Council

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Hello Dr Rotmann,

Thank you for your information request, received via the FYI website.

Please accept my apologies for the time taken to provide this response - I have had to liaise with Officers from both WCC and WIAL to confirm the content.

The Council response to your request is attached.

Kind regards

Chris Brown | Issues Resolution Officer | Governance Directorate | Wellington City Council
P 04 801 3479
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