Hyundai Getz rated as band 1

Frank Fontein made this Official Information request to New Zealand Transport Agency

Response to this request is long overdue. By law New Zealand Transport Agency should have responded by now (details and exceptions). The requester can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: Frank Fontein

Dear New Zealand Transport Agency,

Why is my Hyundai Getz 2008 rated as 'band 1'?

news item:

"Often light cars' scores don't correlate with how they perform in ANCAP,'' he said.
"The Hyundai Getz is a good example. It's a four-star ANCAP performer, but gets one star in the real world. Also, the Yaris gets five stars, but we only give it three.
"The problem is the ANCAP crash test doesn't take into account weight. The heavier car will always come off better in a crash.
"In the real world, crashes happen at different angles with different circumstances. ANCAP only does offset front and side impact tests.''
The research rated cars not only on the protection they provide the driver but also the level of risk they present to other road users in a collision. Those that scored highly on both counts were labelled Safe Picks.
Mr Spalding suggested buyers should not just look at ANCAP, but also the Used Car Safety Ratings.
"Motorists will see from the list that some of the most affordable used cars are the safest,'' she said.
Mercedes-Benz and Volvo barely rated in the top choices, despite being acknowledged as global vehicle safety leaders.
Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce executive director David Purchase also noted the report didn't take into account the road worthiness of the vehicles involved in the crashes.
"Even modern vehicles with five-star (ANCAP) safety ratings, including ABS and ESC, need ongoing maintenance and regular servicing to operate at their best," he said.

"Something as simple as a worn tyre makes a vehicle unsafe whatever its age."

I cannot cut and paste another article from, but here is the result:

Hyundai Getz: Driver Safety: 4 out of 5 stars

So the heavier the car, the better the result. Makes sense. Bring on the Holden SS, Ford Falcons, all huge SUV's etc! We pensioners will pay for their accidents with our 'super unsafe cars'.

Yours faithfully,

Frank Fontein
16 Mary Street
Waimate 7924

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New Zealand Transport Agency

Thank you for contacting the NZ Transport Agency.  This is an auto-reply
message to confirm that we have received your email.

We aim to reply to you within 3 working days of receipt.  However, as we
are experiencing high demand we may not be able to respond within this
timeframe. If your enquiry is urgent please call us on

Motor vehicle licensing 0800 108 809

Driver licensing 0800 822 422 

Overseas +64 6 9536200


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New Zealand Transport Agency

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Hello Frank


Thank you for your email, I've sent your request to our Official
Correspondence Team for their action.



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Amy Rasmussen / Customer Response Team
Customer Access 

P 0800 108 809

E [1][NZTA request email] / W [2]

Palmerston North Office
Private Bag 11777, Palmerston North 4442, New Zealand 



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From: Official Correspondence
New Zealand Transport Agency

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Dear Frank


Please find attached a letter transferring your request of 4 July 2015 to
Accident Compensation Corporation.  




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Andrew Martin / Manager, Official Information

Official Correspondence Unit

Strategy, Communications & Performance Group


DDI 64 4 894 6153

E [1][email address] / w [2]

National Office / Victoria Arcade, 50 Victoria Street,
Private Bag 6995, Wellington 6141, New Zealand 

_________  _____________________________________________   


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