Latest statistics on suicides in new zealand

Paul Lynch made this Official Information request to Statistics New Zealand

The request was successful.

From: Paul Lynch

Dear Statistics New Zealand,
I am working on a book after losing my brother to suicide and would like to see the most up to date statistics on suicides in New Zealand.
Is it possible for you to provide me with the most recent suicide statistics please?

Yours faithfully,

Paul Lynch

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From: Hugh McIlraith
Statistics New Zealand

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Dear Mr Lynch, I have attached a letter transferring your request to the Ministry of Health.


Hugh McIlraith

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Statistics New Zealand

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Dear Mr Lynch

Thank you for your request for official information transferred from
Statistics New Zealand, received by the Ministry of Health on 08 June
2015, requesting:

        The most recent suicide statistics

Your request has been received and logged.  As required under the Official
Information Act 1982, the Ministry will respond to your request within 20
working days.  You should receive a response on or before 06 July 2015.

If a large amount of information has been requested or if the Ministry
needs to consult in order to make a decision, we may need to extend this
date (this is provided for in section 15A of the Act).  We will advise you
if such an extension is necessary.

The Ministry's reference number for your request is: H201502078

Yours sincerely
Fox Swindells
OIA Co-ordinator l Government Relations l Office of the Director General

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Statistics New Zealand

Dear Mr Lynch

Your request to Statistics New Zealand has been transferred to the
Ministry of Health - reference: H201502078.

The Ministry of Health publishes suicide statistics annually in its
[1]Suicide Facts publication series. The most recent data available is for
[2]2012, published in May 2015.

The lag in data availability is due that the fact that findings of suicide
must be made by coroners and these investigations can take months or in
some cases years to complete. It is only after sufficient numbers of cases
for a year are closed that the Ministry of Health can publish data.

The Chief Coroner also releases suicide-related statistics. These are
described as [3]provisional suicide statistics. They are released before
local coroners have made rulings on cause of death so are not directly
comparable with Ministry of Health statistics.

Please let me know if you have questions after reviewing these resources.

Kind regards

Simon Ross
Manager | Analysis & Reporting | Ministry of Health
DDI: 04 816 2893 | Fax: 04 816 2898 | [email address]

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