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CCTV footage request on maioro road onramp

nikolai king made this Official Information request to New Zealand Transport Agency

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From: nikolai king

Dear New Zealand Transport Agency,

I was in a crash on 19/05/24 at around 5:35-45pm (yesterday) on the Maioro Street bridge onramp northbound to the western motorway/city motorway tunnel. involving a white toyota Minivan/Van either a toyota Vellfire or Alphard (2008-2011).

I was turning right onto the motorway in a black Honda Integra (2006) and my light was green and stayed green through my entire turn. The other driver proceeded forward without looking on a red light from about halfway through my turn and crashed into the side of my car at around 30kmph.
I was unable to get any information on the driver as I obviously didn't get the plate before they hit me and they drove off right as they hit me. I parked within 10-20 seconds and ran up to see if they had stopped but I saw what I assume was their car heading towards the Stoddard Road end of the bridge and out of sight. I have checked google maps and know there are many cameras around intersections in that area.

I would like to request footage from the intersection of the incident and the one on the other end of that bridge, or any other sets of lights leading up to and after that intersection of the crash so that I can have their number plate and to show the incident to police.

I have already sent an email but looking at other requests and accidents NZTA will often drop a request over footage being deleted within a 7 day period and I refuse to allow this to happen as it was a hit and run and somebody should be held accountable.

Yours faithfully,

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From: Official Correspondence
New Zealand Transport Agency

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Kia ora Nikolai


This email acknowledges your below request for information made under the
Official Information Act 1982.


Your request has been forwarded to the appropriate section of NZ Transport
Agency Waka Kotahi for response. They will contact you if they require
clarification of your request, more time to respond, or if your request
has been transferred to another organisation to respond to. Unless more
time is required, NZ Transport Agency will send a response to you within
20 working days of receiving your request – in this instance on or before
18 June 2024.


If you would like to discuss your request with NZ Transport Agency, please
contact us by email at [1][NZTA request email].


Ngâ mihi


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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are nikolai king please sign in and let everyone know.

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