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Lee M. made this Official Information request to Accident Compensation Corporation

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From: Lee M.

Dear Accident Compensation Corporation,

Dispute Resolution Services Limited changed its name to Fairway Resolution Limited. Published at the Fairway Resolution Limited website is the following statement; " While ACC matters are still a substantial part of our business, we are now an independent, Crown-owned company."

When Fairway Resolution Limited was Dispute Resolution Services Limited it printed a publication titled "Reviewers' Training Manual" (colloquially referred to as the Reviewers Handbook).

I am requesting that you provide me with a copy of the current reviewers training manual used by Fairway Resolution Limited. This information request can be satisfied by your organisation directing me to a world-wide-web link where I can download and print the information myself. If, however, Fairway Resolution Limited has not amended the Dispute Resolution Services Limited "Reviewers' Training Manual", and the same rules apply as those published in the 6 July 2006 issue of the aforementioned

I also want to ask why this information is not freely and publicly available since Fairway Resolution Limited is a "Crown-owned company" and not a private enterprise? Many hundreds, if not thousands, of people are subject to the rules contained in the Fairway Resolution Limited reviewers' training manual, and I see no good cause or reason for not disseminating this information (and without the public having to request it like I am needing to do here). Thus I need to ask too why this information is not published at the Fairway Resolution Limited website seeing as Accident Compensation Corporation claimants need to abide by the rules contained in the Fairway Resolution Limited reviewers' training manual?

Yours faithfully,

Lee M.

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From: Government Services
Accident Compensation Corporation

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Dear M Lee,


Please find attached a letter confirming a transfer of your request for
information of 31 January 2015.


Thanks and kind regards,


Government Services






"This message and any attachments may contain confidential and privileged
information. If you believe you have received this email in error, please
advise us immediately by return email or telephone and then delete this
email together with all attachments. If you are not the intended
recipient, you are not authorised to use or copy this message or any
attachments or disclose the contents to any other person."

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From: Rebecca Lee

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Dear Lee M


Please find attached FairWay Resolution Limited’s letter of response to
your request for information, made 31 January 2015.


Yours sincerely



Rebecca Lee

Complaints Investigation and Privacy Officer




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Privacy Notice: Because it is important to you, privacy is central to our
values. We are committed to providing services in an ethical manner.
Personal information of applicants, claimants, complainants, employees and
business partners is processed and held in order to provide the highest
level of service. Go to http://www.fairwayresolution.com/privacy... to
view our full privacy policy and notice or email us at
[email address] for further information.


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Lee M. left an annotation ()

2/3/2015 - Complaint raised with the Ombudsman.

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Lee M. left an annotation ()

The Ombudsman determined that Fairway had to provide me with a copy of its Reviewers Training Manual. This decision opens the way for other requesters to receive this information too. Feel free to message me if your request is declined and I will provide you with a copy of the Ombudsman's ruling.

Also note that the Ombudsman has determined that Fairway and its reviewers ARE subject to the Privacy Act and its principles. This follows years of the Privacy Commissioner refusing to investigate complaints by ACC claimants, and that have been made in relation to Fairway and its reviewers not complying with the Privacy Act and its principles. The rationale for the refusals was that the Privacy Commissioner had considered in response to a complaint (see link below) that Fairway and its reviewers are not "an agency", and are instead a "tribunal" in accordance with section 2(1)(b)(viii) of the Privacy Act. The Privacy Commissioner wrongly believed that reviewers are filling a quasi-judicial role when reviewing ACC decisions, and therefore they were acting in the natural of a tribunal. (Refer https://privacy.org.nz/news-and-publicat...).

The Ombudsman's full determination can be read at: http://www.ombudsman.parliament.nz/newsr....

Refer specifically to clauses 32 through 47, and in particular clauses 37 and 38.

Although the Ombudsman's determination relates specifically to requests under the Official Information Act, his opinions and comments relate equally to the Privacy Act.

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