Communication between private contractors, or subcontractors, and Police regarding He Aranga Ake and Know the Signs

John made this Official Information request to New Zealand Police

Response to this request is long overdue. By law New Zealand Police should have responded by now (details and exceptions). The requester can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: John

Dear New Zealand Police,

I am requesting the correspondence between paid or unpaid parties (such as individuals and organisations listed below) and New Zealand Police (or any associated organisations such as CTAG) as it pertains to 'He Aranga Ake' or 'Know the Signs'

I am specifically interested in any correspondence between these individuals or organisations and Police (or associated orgs such as CTAG): Paul Spoonley (Massey), Chris Wilson (UoA), Rhys Ball (Massey), John Battersby (Massey), Jarrod Gilbert (UC), Ben Elley (UC), James Halpin (UoA), Donna Carson (Massey), William Hoverd (Massey), Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), Global Network on Extremism & Technology (GNET), Independent Research Solutions (Christchurch), Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), The International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR), The Disinformation Project, Carl Miller (Demos), Milo Comerford (ISD), Juliet Moses, The Astor Foundation, Sara Salman (UVW), Paparoa (, Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right (CARR), Combating Terrorism Center (CTC West Point), William Allchorn, Elise Thomas, Levi West (CSU), Kate Hannah, Sanjana Hattotuwa, Fenrir Intelligence (Fenririntel). Additionally, any other NGOs or non-governmental individuals not listed above.

Yours faithfully,


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From: Ministerial Services
New Zealand Police

Tēnā koe John

I acknowledge receipt of your Official Information Act 1982 (OIA) request below.

Your reference number is IR-01-23-28060

You can expect a response to your request on or before 29/09/2023 unless an extension is needed.

Ngā mihi,
Ministerial Services - Police National Headquarters

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From: Ministerial Services
New Zealand Police

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Tēnā koe John                                  

Please find attached the response to your Official Information Act
request, received by New Zealand Police on 3 September 2023.


Ngā mihi




Advisor | Ministerial Services | Police National Headquarters

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The information contained in this email message is intended for the
addressee only and may contain privileged information. It may also be
subject to the provisions of section 50 of the Policing Act 2008, which
creates an offence to have unlawful possession of Police property. If you
are not the intended recipient of this message or have received this
message in error, you must not peruse, use, distribute or copy this
message or any of its contents.

Also note, the views expressed in this message may not necessarily reflect
those of the New Zealand Police. If you have received this message in
error, please email or telephone the sender immediately


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joseph k left an annotation ()

While the refusal on grounds of an overly broad request appears reasonable, you could probably appeal part of this response to the ombudsman, as there is a strong public interest in the information sought.

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