Nature of police involvement with Julian Batchelor event at Lindale Village 29/05/23

Sue Boyde made this Official Information request to New Zealand Police

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From: Sue Boyde

Dear New Zealand Police,

I attended Julian Batchelor's Anti-co-governance talk of 29 May 2023. When I arrived at 6:45 for 7 pm start, I saw 4+ police cars parked at the bottom gate, and police keeping people from going up (mainly Maori people).

At the door of the hall I saw police acting as security. In the course of the talk, whenever a member of the audience displeased Julian Batchelor in any way, he called on police to eject the person under threat of arrest.

Police told Stuff "Officers were called when event organisers asked a small group of protesters who made it inside the meeting & voiced their disapproval of the event to leave." However this is not true, officers were on site and enforcing Julian Batchelor's wishes for at least 30 minutes before the event started.

All told I counted 16 police cars present.

Under OIA, could you please tell me
1) Given that police were present at the event from the start, was police presence pre-arranged by Greg Rudings?
2) What level of seniority was the police person who arranged for police cover at this event, and what police district did they belong to?
3) How many cars and police in total were assigned, and what districts did they come from?
4) How many police remained in those districts for ordinary policing duties on the evening of 29 May 2023?

Yours faithfully,
Sue Boyde

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From: Ministerial Services
New Zealand Police

Kia ora Sue,

Thank you for your updated requested, I have disregard the first one and Police will consider the below updated request.

The relevant police district will formally acknowledge your request in due course.

Ngā mihi,

Senior Advisor
Ministerial Services
P  E  [email address]

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From: IR.Central
New Zealand Police

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Tēnā koe Sue,


I acknowledge receipt of your information request below, received by
Police on 02/06/2023.


Your request reference number is 01-23-17238.


You will receive a response to your request on or before 03/07/2023,
unless an extension is required.


Ngā mihi


Tess Keene

Central Region Information Requests | Service Group


P  105
E  [1][email address]





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