Transcript of SSAA hearing

Robert Latimer made this Official Information request to Ministry of Justice

The request was successful.

From: Robert Latimer

Dear Ministry of Justice,

On 7 August 2014 the Social Security Appeal Authority held a hearing in Auckland on my appeal against a decision by the Benefits Review Committee (Reference No. SSA 037/14).

A transcript of that hearing was produced. Please provide me with a copy of that transcript.

Yours faithfully,

Robert Latimer

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paul Scott left an annotation ()

Robert Latimer or others.

My experience with MSD is with respect to Superannuation, [ as an overseas traveller, associated with a foreign girl ]
MSD is discriminatory, devious and corrupt. As far as I can gather the dismantling process is an Orwellian Government policy pursued by Brendan Boyle. with awe-inspiring zeal.
I am collating information. My blog site will be an all-out attack on his corrupted Department and as accurate as I can be.
My allegations against Boyle do not necessarily stand up to legal proof but are made on a social basis.
paul scott at


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paul Scott left an annotation ()

Robert Latimer.

Regarding your transcript of SSAA hearing. Would you make this available to me? This for assessment how to approach an SSAA hearing with many features of public interest . My experience at the level of the Review process by MSD was staggering.
Against all protocol and procedure, the three members held a review where they simply knowingly and deliberately did not hear or see my evidence. I am considered obnoxious. Further the reviewers were apparently unconcerned and made no comment on the Chief officer's cancellation/ suspension of my Superannuation. This, Illegal of course.
The decisions made by senior Super and international were all directed by one Officer, from decision through to final rubber stamp. .
paul scott.

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