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Homeless Situation

Aisha Munro made this Official Information request to Gisborne District Council

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From: Aisha Munro

Dear Gisborne District Council,

What are yous going to do about this homeless situation we have here in Gisborne? Is there anyway you guys are helping our homeless people? If so I would like to know.

Yours faithfully,

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From: Shane McGhie
Gisborne District Council

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Kia ora Ms Munro



Your request for information relating to what Gisborne District Council is
doing about the homeless situation in Gisborne City, under the Local
Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (LGOIMA), has been
considered and granted. Please find the answer to your question below.


1.     Council is part of a Local and Central government and
non-governmental agency group, called Manaaki Tairāwhiti, through which we
work collaboratively to find ways to increase the supply of houses for the
whanau of Tairāwhiti.

This involves sharing of information to ensure that processes are as
efficient as possible, and to identify and remove any barriers to the
delivery of new houses.



2.     Council is reviewing the public land that it manages, on behalf of
the community, to determine if any of it can be used for housing. This
process is long, as most of the land is held for reserves purposes, and
therefore has a public process to allow it to be used for housing.


3.     Council has agreed to a number of actions in the newly completed
Regional Housing Strategy 2022-2027. The actions attributed to GDC are:

·       Consult on draft future development strategy

·       Identify areas for mixed use development and residential

·       Consult on new housing provisions in Tairāwhiti Resource
Management Plan

·       Enact new housing provisions

·       Review building and resource consent processes as new legislation
is enacted

·       Design new consenting processes to better meet needs of whanau

·       Advocate for changes locally and nationally to support papakāinga

·       Percentage of resource consents for housing processed in 20
working days – 70% short term, 80% med term, 90&% long term

·       Reduction in average time for decisions on building consents

·       Install infrastructure for Taruheru Block development

·       Upgrade infrastructure capacity in Kaiti, Gisborne

·       Continue Drainwise programme to increase capacity of wastewater

·       Review the provision of public transport services to support
housing growth

·       Complete Taruheru River shared walk and cycle pathway

·       Undertake walk and cycle network studies and improvement trials

·       Investigate a regional housing entity

·       Progress aspirations for regional mana motuhake in delivery of
housing services

·       Identify infrastructure needed to support urban population growth
to 2050


4.      Council is also collaborated with the Ministry for Social
Development (MSD) to use one of the reserves in Gisborne for emergency
accommodation over the winter months, for as long as the need is there.
This was to occur last winter, however the mahi resulted in the MSD
funding alternative emergency accommodation. The mahi completed to date
will allow this to occur in the future.


5.     Council’s consents teams are approving a significant number of
consents for housing that do not meet the rules of the Tairāwhiti Resource
Management Plan (TRMP). This has meant that more houses have been
consented and built than are permitted by the TRMP.


6.     Council has commenced the review of the Tairāwhiti Resource
Management Plan, with a specific focus on providing for a range of housing
sizes and forms, so that land can be used in a more efficient way, thereby
making homes more affordable for more of our community.



Ngā mihi




Shane McGhie | Principal Advisor - Environmental Services and Protection |
Gisborne District Council
email [email address] | ph +64 6 867 2049
address 15 Fitzherbert Street, PO Box 747, Gisborne 4010 | url




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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Aisha Munro please sign in and let everyone know.

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