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From: Alex Harris

Dear Gisborne District Council,

The Gisborne District Council controls discharges of contaminants from fuel burning equipment under its Air Quality Plan. Rules 2 and 3 make discharges from small and medium scale equipment (up to 50MW for gas, and 2.5MW for coal) a permitted activity, if it complies with conditions, meaning no resource consent is required if those conditions are met. Discharges from fuel burning equipment which do not comply with these conditions are covered under Rule 26 as a discretionary activity requiring a resource consent. I would like to request the following information under the LGOIMA:

* a list of all the resource consents in force for discharges from fuel burning equipment under Rule 26. For each consent I would like the date of issue, date of expiry, the fuel source for the combustion, and the power in kW or MW (if known) or maximum combustion rate (e.g. in tonnes per hour, if known).

I would prefer to receive an electronic response. Queries about this request will be automatically forwarded to me by the website.

Yours faithfully,

Alex Harris

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Gisborne District Council

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From: Customer Service
Gisborne District Council

Good Morning

Thank you for your email.

I have created Request for Service RFS 256048 for your reference.

This has now been forwarded to the Resource Consents team for them to action and respond.

Kind regards

Customer Services

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From: Kate Sykes
Gisborne District Council

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Good morning Alex.  Thank you for your enquiry regarding consents issued
for from small and medium scale equipment (up to 50MW for gas, and 2.5MW
for coal) under rule 26.  I think you may have been quoting the Regional
Air Quality Plan which has since been incorporated in the Tairawhiti
Resource Management Plan, see



Although the rules you have quoted are historic numbering, the intent of
the Rules remain unchanged in our TRMP and can be found in Rule Table
C1.5.4 on pg 27 in the above link.  They are now prefaced with
C1.5.4(number of rule).


The Gisborne District only has 1 consent issued under C1.5.4(26).  This
consent was issued to Cedenco Foods Ltd on 18 December 2018 (it replaced a
previous consent which had expired).  Our consents for discharges of this
nature are issued for 15 years.  The consent was issued as it could not
comply with the permitted standards for odour.


The heating energy required for the product processing is supplied by
natural gas fired boilers.

Cedenco have two operational boilers on-site that work on demand:

- Boiler 4 – Boster Wheeler: 17.5 MW

- Boiler 1 – Anderson: 4.7 MW

Although the combined peak energy capacity of these two boilers is 22.2
MW, current peak fuel consumption is approximately 1,200 GJ per day. This
equates to an average peak energy demand of approximately 13.9 MW per hour
(based on a 24 hour operation). During off-peak operation, the fuel
consumption rates are much lower (approximately 300 GJ per day).  The
on-site boilers are regularly maintained and tuned by an external company.


I trust this answers your query.  Kind regards


Kate Sykes | Environmental Risk Team Leader | Gisborne District Council
email [email address] | ph +64 6 867 2049
address 15 Fitzherbert Street, PO Box 747, Gisborne 4010 | url



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From: Alex Harris

Dear Kate Sykes,

Thankyou for the speedy and helpful response. I hadn't realised the Air Quality Plan had been superseded.

Yours sincerely,

Alex Harris

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