Traffic cam footage date 28 July 7.55am north western motorway

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From: alison gillett

Dear Auckland Transport,

I need traffic footage dated 28 July approx time 7.53-7.56am of a vehicle that came over into my lane and side swiped my car and not stop. I made call to police at 7.58am and followed the car while talking with a dispatcher

We were travelling on the north western motorway towards the tunnel joining south western motorway direction towards mangere airport.

It happened approx 7.53am
I was driving a black Mazda CX-5 reg HNG917

Other vehicle white Ute (Ford?). With black trim and wide wheels. Reg was GJN930
Sign writing on back. Finau Brothers, plaster and painters, ph 021 0236 0399.

I was travelling lane number for if counting left to right from verge to median barrier. Ute was in lane 5 close to median barrier and came across into my lane .

My car reg HNG917 Black MaZda cX5

Yours faithfully,

Alison Gillett

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