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TL;DR for Complaint on citizenship Reference: MVFYYK

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From: Shiv

Dear Office of the Ombudsman,

TL;DR for MVFYYK's complaint
- Citizenship applicant# MVFYYK (also a long term skill shortage migrant PR, who's got the citizenship approval, got a name change, intimated DIA about name change in May & been waiting for citizenship certificate) complaints about DIA CO, for putting the case on hold to perform more checks at the last minute, right when the citizenship certificate was due to be printed the same day, without any intimation of case being on hold to the candidate, who'd previously already informed DIA about the urgent service passport application plan.
- Applicant #MVFYYK asks why the certificate printing date was even announced, when security checks weren't complete in the system after name change.
- # MVFYYK asks why last minute security checks weren't performed prior to the printing date announcement, anytime in the past two months, after intimation of name change by the candidate to DIA in May.
- # MVFYYK questions the need for such checks that warranted this high alert of the case being put on hold & why it wasn't proactively communicated by DIA- neither before nor after the hold.
- # MVFYYK asks for an estimate of when the final decision would be made

PS: Just reading through the mail thread between # MVFYYK & DIA should give you a better understanding than this TL;DR or my other complaint mail
Thanks for your time

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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Shiv please sign in and let everyone know.

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