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From: Lisa Marriott

Dear Inland Revenue Department,

I have three requests for information, as outlined below:

(1) Section 66(2) of the Crimes Act 1961 provides for parties that commit an offence jointly to both be prosecuted of the crime. In the past five years has this ever been used to jointly prosecute a spouse or partner where tax evasion is found?

(2) Are there any cases (again over the past five years) where the spouse or partner of a person convicted for tax evasion has also been prosecuted for the same offence?

(3) Is there a provision for evaded tax to be collected by IRD from the estate (i.e. after death) of a tax debtor? If there is, have there been any cases where this has occurred over the past five years?

Thank you for your assistance.

Yours faithfully,
Lisa Marriott
Victoria University

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From: Commissioners Correspondence
Inland Revenue Department

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Good morning Ms Marriott,


On behalf of Christina Goodall, Manager Commissioner's Correspondence,
please find attached an acknowledgement of your email of 25 August 2014.


Thank you.

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have received this email or any attachment in error, please delete the
email / attachment, and notify the sender. Please do not copy, disclose or
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Lisa Marriott left an annotation ()

Response was received via telephone message (rather than in writing) due to complexity of issue.

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