Request for information used to make Observed-versus-expected tables

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From: R Bailey

Dear Ministry of Health,

I would like documents relating to the creation of the expected deaths tables available online at:

The website says:
"Data for expected death rates was obtained from the AESI background rate (SAFE) study provided by the University of Auckland. The age-specific background rates used are the average from 2008-2019."

The link provided does not supply any information regarding expected deaths rates. Only expected adverse reaction rates.

To avoid doubt:

I would like all documents and files used by whomever it was that created these charts so I can replicate the results.

Yours faithfully,

R Bailey

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Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic response, the Ministry is experiencing
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Kia ora R Bailey,            


Please see attached the response to your OIA request.                  

Ngā mihi


OIA Services Team


[1]Ministry of Health information releases

[2]Unite against COVID-19

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R Bailey left an annotation ()

So it seems they are looking for a safety signal by seeing if the date when the death was registered is within the 21 day window post vaccination.

Not sure on the average delay between death date and death registration date is, but possibly longer than 21 days. Will try to find out with another FOIA.

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