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Relationships & Sexuality Education Yrs 1-8, 7-10 & 9-13

Chuck Schooner made this Official Information request to Ministry of Education

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From: Chuck Schooner

Dear Ministry of Education,

As New Zealand education standards continue to drop off to the point where our children are so poorly educated they will really struggle to adapt in the real world as and when that time comes. However the Ministry of Education is managing to implement Grooming initiatives into the curriculum - yay for the MOE! After a quick look across some of the RSE resources it is blatantly obvious that educators are attempting to sexualize, exploit and confuse the next generation. On from that can you please provide in conjunction with the Ministry of Justice if required

- How does the Ministry of Justice / Ministry of Education define "Grooming" - please provide any and all documents, resources detailing the differentiation between Grooming and the teaching of some of the topics relating to RSE namely pornography, masturbation, sexual identity and gender identify.
- Subject to the definition of grooming what is the complaints process required to the public upon knowing that their children are being taught this disgusting curriculum
- What is the Ministry of Educations policy on identifying teachers that are actively grooming students versus teachers that aren't grooming children - how is this differentiated between by the Ministry of Education
- The RSE material states that pornography should be taught to pre-pubescent students - please provide any and all legal documentation confirming that this isn't a crime teaching students about this subject at the ages of 9-11 - for example students are restricted from watching this material yet the Ministry of Education is actively promoting this - if this is in schools then why is the Ministry of Education excluded from similar standards in the broadcasting industry where R18 material would fit this criteria
- If you make throwaway comment in a workplace then this can be misconstrued as sexual harassment - given the students aren't as developed as adults above the age of 18 then how can children reasonably be expected to make a complaint if they are unknowingly being sexually exploited
- Given the students have access to devices on public school premises - what are the punishments for students if they are to broadcast, promote or send any videos to other students etc
- If students aren't able to share illicit material then how does the Ministry of Education justify educators etc being able to share, teach this material
- Please provide all the NGO's that have been consulted on this curriculum - can you also provide individual costs paid to date, any companies being retained to provide advice - ultimately list all external consultants and fees to date and ongoing in promoting this filth
- Please provide and and all measurable outcomes both positive and negative and how is MOE measuring these - for example if in 12 months sexual assaults, activity in schools has gone up then who can be held accountable
- Please provide the "vetting" process for external consultants - ie what background checks are completed to determine if external consultants are predators
- Please provide any and all "Legal Documentation" that was completed by the MOE with regard to promoting this filth to our most innocent - if no legal documentation was completed then why not?

Is it now time to defund the MOE given our children struggle to read and write but hey at least MOE is laying the ground work for them to enter in the sex industry. This is unbelievable. We have pretty much criminalised flirting in the office but this is being pushed?! How do you even square that circle?!

Yours faithfully,

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From: Enquiries National

Tēnā koe mō tō īmēra mai ki te Tāhuhu o Thank you for your email to the
te Mātauranga.   Ministry of Education.  


He urupare aunoa tēnei hei whakaatu kua This is an auto generated response
tae mai tō īmēra confirming your email has been
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Mea ake nei ka urupare tonu atu mātou ki We will respond to your email as soon
tō īmēra.   as possible.  



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From: Enquiries National

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Kia ora Chuck Schooner


Thank you for your request for information below. The Ministry will
consider and respond to your request in accordance with the Official
Information Act 1982 (the Act).


Under section 15(1) of the Act, we are required to make and inform you of
our decision on your request as soon as reasonably practicable and in any
case not later than 20 working days after the day on which your request is
received.  You can therefore expect to receive our decision on your
request on or before the 18 May 2022.  If more than 20 working days are
needed due to the potential workload and/or consultations involved in
answering your request, we will notify you accordingly.


The Ministry may publicly release on our website the response to your
request five days after you have received it. Any personal information
will be removed.


In the interim, if you have any questions about your request, please email
[1][email address].


Ngā mihi


Enquiries National Team | Ministry of Education - TW
[2]education.govt.nz  |  [3]Follow us on Twitter: @educationgovtnz

[4]Te TD huhu o te MD tauranga


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From: Chuck Schooner

Dear Enquiries National,

To add to this can you also provide official MOE policy on
- communications on any MOE approved devices for educators and MOE staff - eg can MOE staff transmit via email/sms etc etc pornographic material freely across official MOE channels?
- if not why not and what are penalties, ramifications associated with transmitting this material
- please also provide official MOE code of conduct on sexual harassment

Yours sincerely,

Chuck Schooner

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From: Enquiries National

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Kia ora Chuck


Please find the attached letter advising you of the extension to your OIA


Kind regards


Enquiries National Team | Ministry of Education | IB

33 Bowen Street, Wellington



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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Chuck Schooner please sign in and let everyone know.

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