Please provide information as to why Ministry of Health provides no publicly available advice in respect to Covid-19 cures and therapies

greg rzesniowiecki made this Official Information request to Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health did not have the information requested.

From: greg rzesniowiecki

Dear Ministry of Health,

Please provide information as to why Ministry of Health provides no publicly available advice in respect to Covid-19 cures and therapies on the Ministry's various websites and pages related to Covid-19 and as to why such remedies do not gain similar prominence as the Covid-19 vaccination program.

I asked the question as a supplementary to my OIA questions herein, however, sense I need to ask it specifically as a separate question;

The following websites provide no advice as to what one or one's treating clinician might do to clear Covid-19 symptoms where one contracts a serious dose of the distemper.

Covid-19 therapeutic advice for clinicians is freely available from medical practitioners in the United States and more jurisdictions, see video testimony from Dr Peter McCullough here:

The MoH pages on various illnesses - each illness page has an option "treatment"

Diarrhoea: ​


Influenza: which advises “If clinically indicated, your doctor may recommend antiviral medications. Take them as directed.”

Yours sincerely,
greg rzesniowiecki

Yours faithfully,

greg rzesniowiecki

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Kia ora Greg,


Thank you for your email. 


This information is not held by the Ministry of Health. This will be held
by the Primary Health Organisations, General Practitioners, or District
Health Boards that provided the treatment. PHOs and GPs are not subject to
the Act, however, you may want to contact the DHBs directly. Their contact
details can be
at: [1]  

Please refer to the section titled 'treatment' on the following page of
the website
here: [2]


You may also be interested in this additional information provided on the
here: [3] 

Ngā mihi 


OIA Services Team 


 [4]Ministry of Health information releases 

[5]Unite against COVID-19 



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