Solent St Intersection to the Strand Works

Adam Parkinson made this Official Information request to Auckland Transport

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From: Adam Parkinson

Dear Auckland Transport,
Currently there are construction works on the Solent st Tamaki drive intersection, including works on the northern footpath towards The Strand
Please provide the plans that are being built for the project.
Please provide the costs for this project and from which budgets these are being allocated.
Please provide details of which stakeholders were consulted.
(Feel free to supply the correspondence)
Was there any public consultation, and if not why?
Please provide details of the nature of the consultation.
Please provide any climate impact assessment, and if there wasn't one why not?
Please provide any pedestrian and cycling safety impact assessment, and if there wasn't one why not?
Was there any consultation with residents in the city centre or Parnell?

Yours faithfully,

Adam Parkinson

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