Picture taken by Virginia Ruby Andersen of John Creser and message sent to Justice Commitee Secretariat confirming request to present oral submission in Petition 87688

John Creser made this Official Information request to Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives

The request was partially successful.

From: John Creser

Dear Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives,

Thank you for the prompt response to my last request.

I'm now writing to request disclosure of a picture taken by Virginia Ruby Andersen of me and the message sent to Justice Committee Secretariat on my behalf, confirming my request to her to present oral submissions to the committee in Petition 87688.

I spoke to Mrs Anderson in her capacity as head of the committee because despite your website stating "it is normal practice for the Petitions Committee to gather more information or evidence about the issues raised by the petition" the secretariat (Justice & Petitions) did not respond to a single written or oral request to formally seek evidence from the Privacy Commissioner, the Ombudsman, the Chief Archivist or the New Zealand Law Society.

Rather than make an a separate request to your office, I'd also like to request a copy of the notice of the hearing, I was subscribed to your online service for updates and did not receive the notification that this matter would be heard on 25 August 2021.

Yours faithfully,

John Creser

Reason for petition; https://www.infonews.co.nz/news.cfm?id=1...

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From: David Wilson
Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives

Dear Mr Creser

Thank you for your email, following our phone discussion. There is no
photograph of you that forms part of the Justice Committee’s proceedings
on your petition. Therefore, I cannot supply it to you. It would be very
unusual for a photograph of a petitioner to be part of committee

You will see from the minutes supplied in response to your last request
(30 August) that no hearing was held on your petition. The notifications
service alerts subscribers to public hearings but not to the parts of
committee proceedings that are held in private. That is why you did not
receive a notification.

The way in which a committee deals with a petition is entirely for it to
determine. While the secretariat may give advice, it acts on the decision
of the committee.

Yours sincerely


David Wilson (he/him)

Clerk of the House of Representatives

Manahautû o te Whare Mângai

Parliament Buildings | Wellington 6160 | NEW ZEALAND
Tel: +64 4 817 9446 | [1]www.parliament.nz 






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From: John Creser

Dear David Wilson,

Thank you for your reply concerning my request for the text message the chairperson of the Justice Committee advised me she was sending a text to the committee secretariat confirming my request to present oral evidence. I will refer this request to the Privacy Commissioner if this message was in fact to someone else.

I've yet to receive the minutes you refer to, so I may be asking for material you've sent, however at the risk of repeating myself I'm clarifying my request as follows.

You've confirmed there was no notice of hearing because there was no hearing. I understand there is no requirement for a public notification, however the notice I seek refers to the procedural requirement that other committee members be given a days notice beforehand.

Can you confirm if any such notice was issued

Can you confirm that the secretariat received no such message from Virginia Anderson.

Can you also please confirm that the committee sought no evidence to support the petition?

You've said; "The way in which a committee deals with a petition is entirely for it to
determine." Does this mean that under a Labour Government the committee does not have to abide by the rules of fair play and natural justice?

You've said; "While the secretariat may give advice, it acts on the decision of the committee." Does this mean the committee told the secretariat not to provide me with any assistance in obtaining evidence to support the petition?

Please contact me if you require any further information to consider the above request.

Yours sincerely,

John Creser

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