Christchurch Terror Attack 15 March 2019 timeline

greg rzesniowiecki made this Official Information request to New Zealand Police

Response to this request is long overdue. By law New Zealand Police should have responded by now (details and exceptions). The requester can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: greg rzesniowiecki

Dear New Zealand Police,

1. Please provide the CCTV (closed-circuit television) video footage and (or with) timestamps of the Christchurch Terror attacker's vehicle along the route taken from the commencement point (industrial estate on Leslie Hill Drive) on to Mandeville St, then Blenheim Rd and to the Al Noor mosque on Deans Ave, onwards to Bealy Ave where the livestream cut out, the attacker's route to Linwood Mosque whatever route taken, the attacker's route away from Linwood Mosque to the point of capture in Brougham Street.

2. Where you refuse to provide the CCTV video footage, please provide screen captures with timestamps from each camera along the above mentioned route of the attacker's vehicle as it proceeded from commencement to capture and arrest in Brougham St.

3. Please provide any other data or source information that confirms the attacker's route and associated timeline.

4. Please provide information as to the status of the other people arrested on 15 March 2019 in connection with the Christchurch Terror attack. Please provide information as to the locations these were arrested i.e. Harrow and Strickland Sts or elsewhere.

5. Please provide information about the white van in the cordoned off area in Strickland St. Please provide information as to whether it contained explosives or explosive devices as reported in the news media. Please provide information as to how it came to contain explosives and is connected to the Christchurch terror attack.

6. Please provide information that indicates that any of those arrested were connected to the White van in Strickland St.

7. Please provide information about a small Toyota vehicle licence plate FQH875 which left the scene of the Al Noor mosque attack during the shooting and seen (observed in a video from a news report of the day) both parked on the East side of Deans Ave south of Riccarton Rd intersection and also seen (observed in another video from a news media report which indicated the Deans Ave/Riccarton Rd intersection was controlled at that point by NZ police) driving north on Deans Ave to turn right (East) into Riccarton Rd with two people, the driver and a passenger in the front seat. Please provide any information as to whether these were apprehended, questioned or contacted by NZ Police.

Yours faithfully,

greg rzesniowiecki

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From: Ministerial Services
New Zealand Police

Tēnā koe Greg

I acknowledge receipt of your Official Information Act (OIA) request below, received by New Zealand Police on 24 August 2021.

Your request is being actioned pursuant to the OIA. You can expect a response to your request on or before 21 September 2021.

Kind regards, Michelle
Ministerial Services PNHQ

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From: IR.Southern
New Zealand Police

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Kia ora Mr Rzesniowiecki,


Please find attached a letter in response to your request.


Ngā mihi,




Rachel Milne

Te Wai Pounamu Information Request Team

Canterbury Supervisor

Service Delivery


P  105 ext. 36624 or 36457

E  [1][email address]


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greg rzesniowiecki left an annotation ()

NZ Police refused my request for information citing Sec 6c of the OIA which provides various "Comprehensive Grounds for Withholding Information"

I'll consider the response and likely contact the Ombudsman's office in respect to the Police refusal to provide the information requested.

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greg rzesniowiecki left an annotation ()

My complaint to the Ombudsman about the NZ Police denying me access to the Christchurch Terror attack CCTV video has been accepted and allocated to an officer

The officer states that they are expecting an answer from NZ Police to their questions or inquiries by the week's end (Friday 22 Oct). It may be later that I am advised.

Ombudsman's reference: Case ID 561487

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paul Scott left an annotation ()

The CCTV video is still available at some sites. I am not sure of the legal situation around actually seeing this unbelievable video as compared to downloading and sharing it Paul Scott paulscoittfilms@gmail. com

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