Raymond Street Trees

Jason Esler made this Official Information request to Timaru District Council

The request was successful.

From: Jason Esler

Dear Timaru District Council,

Recently The TDC under took some repair work to properties in Raymond Street. That were damaged by Council Trees that were planted on the berms along the street.

Can you please provide me with the details of the cost to remediate this. Also recently (in the last 6 weeks) there were more trees planted in the street. Can you also provide the costs for the undertaking of this work.

Yours faithfully,

Jason Esler

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From: Michelle Heal
Timaru District Council

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Good morning Jason


Thank you for your below LGOIMA request. 


Please find attached Timaru District Council’s response to your LGOIMA


Many thanks


Michelle Heal ^| Executive Assistant
[1]Timaru District Council
Timaru District Council | PO Box 522 | Timaru
P: 03 687 7440 | W: [2]www.timaru.govt.nz

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