helicopter activity over Bendigo and Upper Clutha

rob van der mark made this Official Information request to Christchurch International Airport Limited

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From: rob van der mark

Dear Christchurch International Airport Limited,

I would like to be informed whether helicopter activity that took place on Friday 6 or Sat 7 August in the Bendigo and Upper Clutha (Albert Town/Hawea Flat) areas was undertaken by cial, any cial agent or cial (sub)contractor, or any party in collaboration with cial, or party that may collect data that cial has requested or commissioned.

Was this activity undertaken as (part of) a research program by the University of Canterbury that was fully or in part funded by Cial?

I would like to be informed of the purpose and objective of this activity and what the information obtained will be used for.

Observed helicopter activity (ZK-HTV) took place for prolonged periods at low altitude over a schedule 9 regionally significant wetland which provides habitat for threatened species.

I would like to be informed if DOC permission was sought and granted for this activity prior to its commencement.

I would like to be informed if ORC, QLDC and /or CODC were informed of this activity prior to its commencement.

Yours faithfully,

Rob van der Mark

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Christchurch International Airport Limited

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Hi Rob,

Thank you for your request received on 09/08/2021 to Christchurch International Airport Limited.

Please find attached our response to your request.

If you have any queries, please email us at [email address]

Kind Regards
CIAL Legal Team

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