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From: Gladys Webster

Dear Accident Compensation Corporation,

1. Please provide copies of any Guidelines to updating a claimants Cover and any internal Policies relating to Cover Provisions that the sensitive claims unit follow. Please also include practices that staff are expected to follow when Cover is being updated, altered or amended on EoS.
2. How do clients ensure that the sensitive claims unit has correctly recorded all their covered mental injuries? If claimants believe these are recorded in error how is this addressed by the sensitive claims unit?
3. How does the sensitive claims unit show evidence of court rulings so that Cover for clients incorporates recent judgments like Judge Ongley stating "all the consequences of the personal injury"...and he goes on to state "It would follow that the assessment is not confined to PTSD even if that is the extent of cover nominated by the Corporation". Do staff go back and check DATA assessments to make sure claimant files are accurate? This would be evidence of good practice and fairness would it not?
4. If claimants believe they have been sent to corporation assessors where Cover has been nominated as PTSD, rather than "all the consequences of their injury", how can this best be addressed as no decision letter is issued carrying review rights. Your help in this matter would be appreciated.
kind regards,

Gladys Webster

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From: Terence Routledge
Accident Compensation Corporation

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Good morning Ms Webster
Please find ACC's response with enclosures for your request of 26 April

Terence Routledge, Senior Advisor, ACC
  ACC / Government Services
  PO Box 242 / Wellington 6140 / New Zealand / [1]

  ACC cares about the environment – please don’t print this email
    unless it is really necessary. Thank you.

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Gladys Webster left an annotation ()

Thanks ACC. Cover is clearly a matter of following flow charts and hoping the case manager follows the right section.

Bit scary that cover can be altered by information on ARC18's, letters from advocates, ARTP's when cover is a legal matter decided by the legislation.

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