Medsafe AEFI Safety Report #10 - CARM reported deaths

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From: Paul Jones

Dear Ministry of Health,

With concern to Medsafe Covid 19 weekly safety report #10 listed here;

It states that the deaths of two elderly patients have been entered into the CARM reporting system.

1) Would you provide redacted copies of the CARM report for those two cases which first removals all personally identifiable information from these reports.

2) Provide the reasoning CARM and Medsafe have determined the deaths not to be caused by the "administration of Comirnaty".

3) Provide a definition of what "administration" means with respect to (2).

4) Does the definition of "administration" include a restriction to a specific time frame, eg: from time from injection until 20 minutes after?

Yours faithfully,

Paul Jones

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Ministry of Health

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Kia ora

Thank you for your request for official information received on 11 June

The Ministry's reference number for your request is: H202107100.

As required under the Official Information Act 1982, the Ministry will
endeavour to respond to your request no later than 9 July 2021, being 20
working days after the day your request was received.  

If we are unable to respond to your request within this time frame, we
will notify you of an extension of that time frame.

If you have any queries related to this request, please do not hesitate to
get in touch.

Ngā mihi

OIA Services
Government Services
Office of the Director-General
Ministry of Health
E: [email address]

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victor left an annotation ()

"We do not release detailed descriptions as we must protect the privacy of the people concerned"

- Remove the name identification and publish the remaining details of every severe adverse reaction which can be adequately reviewed by the public.

Anything less than transparency is MOH CARM MEDSAFE and the small number of individuals with access to the data sets fuelling suspicion of further insidious activity by individuals and agencies responsible for the policys.

Summarys are farcicle.

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