Information pertaining to declaration of a State of Emergency

Mr M Bell made this Official Information request to Peeni Henare

The request was partially successful.

From: Mr M Bell

ATTN: Minister of Civil Defense,

Dear Peeni Henare,

Please provide the following information:

1. A copy of all data, information, statistics and scientific proof(related to the severity of the COVID-19 disease, particularly its mortality rate or any other data about COVID-19) which made you decide to extend the State of National Emergency published here -

2. All facts, data, information, statistics and scientific proof related to COVID-19 that made you decide that "the emergency is, or is likely to be, of such extent, magnitude, or severity that the civil defence emergency management necessary or desirable in respect of it is, or is likely to be, beyond the resources of the Civil Defence Emergency Management Groups whose areas may be affected by the emergency." as stated in section 66(1)(b) of the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002

3. A copy of all data, information, statistics and scientific proof(related to the severity of the COVID-19 disease, particularly its mortality rate or any other data about COVID-19) which was used to make the original declaration of a State of Emergency published here - (if this question is aimed at the wrong person or Minister, please provide their contact details)

Yours faithfully,

Mr M Bell

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From: P Henare (MIN)
Peeni Henare

Tēnā koe,

Thank you for contacting the office of Hon Peeni Henare - MP for Tāmaki
Makaurau, Minister of Defence, Minister for Whānau Ora, Associate Minister
of Health, Associate Minister of Housing, Associate Minister of Tourism,
and Acting Associate Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage.

While the Minister considers all correspondence to be important and all
messages are carefully read and considered, it is not possible to provide
a personal response to every email received.

Where the Minister has portfolio responsibility for the issues that you
have raised, your correspondence will be considered and responded to where
appropriate.  If your email falls outside of these responsibilities, it
may be transferred to another office for consideration.

Thank you for taking the time to write.   

(Please note that this acknowledgement is an automatically generated

Nāku noa, nā

Office of Hon Peeni Henare


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From: Hon Peeni Henare

Tçnâ koe,

Official Information request - Information pertaining to declaration of a State of Emergency

On behalf of Hon Peeni Henare, thank you for your OIA request. As the Minister no longer holds the Civil Defence portfolio, we have transferred your request to the office of Hon Kris Faafoi, Acting Minister for Emergency Management. You will hear further from their office concerning your request.

Ngâ mihi,

Brett Allan | Private Secretary, Executive Support | Ministerial Support Services
Office of Hon Peeni Henare
Minister of Defence | Minister for Whânau Ora | Associate Minister of Health (Mâori)|
Associate Minister of Tourism | Associate Minister of Housing (Mâori) | Acting Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage | MP for Tamaki Makaurau
Reception: 04 817 8721 |

Email disclaimer:
Please note information about meetings related to the Minister’s portfolios will be proactively released (this does not include personal or constituency matters). For each meeting in scope, the summary would list: date, time (start and finish), brief description, location, who the meeting was with, and the portfolio. If you attend a meeting with the Minister on behalf of an organisation, the name of the organisation will be released. If you are a senior staff member at an organisation, or meet with the Minister in your personal capacity, your name may also be released. The location of the meeting will be released, unless it is a private residence. The proactive release will be consistent with the provisions in the Official Information Act, including privacy considerations. Under the Privacy Act 1993 you have the right to ask for a copy of any personal information we hold about you, and to ask for it to be corrected if you think it is wrong. If you’d like to ask for a copy of your information, or to have it corrected, or are concerned about the release of your information in the meeting disclosure, please contact the sender. You can read more about the proactive release policy at

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From: Information [DPMC]

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Kia ora koe,


Please see the attached letter regarding your recent OIA request.


Ngā mihi,


Ministerial Coordinator
Ministerial and Business Services
Strategy, Governance and Engagement
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
E    [1][email address]
The information contained in this email message is for the attention of
the intended recipient only and is not necessarily the official view or
communication of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. If you
are not the intended recipient you must not disclose, copy or distribute
this message or the information in it. If you have received this message
in error, please destroy the email and notify the sender immediately.




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From: Mr M Bell

Dear Information [DPMC],

Thank you however that does not answer my request. Please provide the data, scientific proof and facts related to making those decisions.

What standards are used to clarify if an emergency is severe enough to warrant a declaration. For instance, does the fatality rate of the disease have be a certain level, does it have to impact certain age groups of people, what data did you have that proved it would be out of the scope of emergency services handling it.

What data, facts and scientific proof was used to decide that the "emergency" met the criteria below:

For a National State of Emergency to be declared, the situation must be an emergency
under the CDEM Act and meet three legal tests. An emergency situation is:
i) a result of any emergency happening, whether natural or otherwise (including
epidemic/pandemic) and
ii) causes or may cause loss of life, injury, illness or distress or in any way
endangers the safety of the public; and
iii) cannot be dealt with by emergency services, or otherwise requires a significant
and coordinated response under the CDEM Act.

Yours sincerely,

Mr M Bell

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From: Information [DPMC]

Tēnā koe 


Thank you for emailing the Department of the Prime Minister and
Cabinet (DPMC), including the National Emergency Management
Agency (NEMA).   

Please note, DPMC is not able to respond to emails that are
outside its purview. If the subject of your email does not relate to the
work of DPMC, we will forward your email to the appropriate Minister
or agency who will respond to you directly. To find out more about the
functions of DPMC please view our website - [1] 


If your correspondence is intended for the Prime Minister please email her
office at - [2][email address]. Contact information for other
Members of Parliament can be found at
- [3]


If you are writing about an issue relating to COVID-19, we encourage you
to first refer to the [4]COVID-19 website. Here’s a list of links that you
may find helpful: 

o [5]Current Alert Level
o [6]Latest Government COVID-19 information
o [7]Jobs, training and financial support
o [8]Travel and the border
o [9]Mental wellbeing, accessing health care and violence protection
o [10]Information for businesses
o [11]Proactive release of Government Response documents
o [12]Managed Isolation and Quarantine 

If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, please call your local GP or
contact the Healthline team on 0800 358 5453

Common Questions:

* Official Information Act (OIA) Requests will be formally acknowledged
during office hours and actioned accordingly. For more information
about the statutory OIA timeframes please see
- [13]
* For Job opportunities within DPMC please see
- [14] Please use
this website to apply for vacancies, unfortunately resumes received
through other avenues will not be considered.
* New Zealand Visas and requests for asylum are managed by Immigration
New Zealand. Please see - [15] 

We hope one of the above links helps answer your question.  


We appreciate your patience at this time. Thanks again and please take

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