Lead Agency Whakaari Eruption Response

Alan Thompson made this Official Information request to Whakatane District Council

The request was partially successful.

From: Alan Thompson

Dear Whakatane District Council,

I have been seeking information with respect to who was the overall Lead Agency with respect to the response to the Whakaari/White Island Eruption response under NZ CIMS (Version 2).

All of the parties I have contacted have advised me that Bay of Plenty CD&EM Group were the Lead Agency for the Local Response with NEMA acting in a National Lead Agency role providing coordination support services to BOP CD&EM Group. NZ Police also advised in an OIA response that they were not the Lead Agency and that they "facilitated" the search and rescue operations in support of the BOP CD&EM Group.

CIMS structure and methodology would have required then the daily tasking for NZ Police (eg search and rescue assignments) to have been planned and prepared by your IMT. These would have been published in a Incident Action Plan (IAP) for the next Operational Period and this plan would have been presented to and signed off by the Incident Controller.

I have examined carefully the IAPs you provided me with in a previous OIA request. I am puzzled that I can find no record that the IMT at the Whakatane EOC had any involvement in the planning, tasking or management of any of the operations that took place with respect to the search and rescue (involving NZ Police, Defence Forces, FENZ, etc). As the Lead Agency with the overall responsibility in a multi-agency response this is difficult to understand

I would like to re-submit a request under the provisions of the Official Information Act the following:

1. Confirmation of the advice from NZ Police that they were operating under the overall command and control of the IMT as established by BOP CD&EM Group and that the IMT planned, assigned and managed the daily Police taskings in accordance with the Coordinated Incident Management System (Version 2).

2. The written instructions (eg Taskings, etc) as signed off by the IC that was appointed by BOP CD&EM Group if they were not part of the IAPs previously provided.

3. Advice as to what roles were assigned to NZ Police personnel in the CIMS IMT structure BOP CD&EM Group established at the Whakatane EOC. Of particular interest are the roles they filled in the Planning Section and the Operations Section of the IMT.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Alan Thompson

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From: WDC Customer Service
Whakatane District Council

Kia ora Alan,

Thank you for contacting the Whakatane District Council.

I have forwarded your message to the relevant council staff member for their follow up.

If you have any further enquiries, please call us directly on 07 306 0500 or email [email address].

Nga mihi,

Cassandra Richards

P 07 306 0500 Ext 7409 F 07 307 0718
E [email address] W whakatane.govt.nz
Commerce Street, Private Bag 1002, Whakatāne 3158, New Zealand

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From: Pearl Tāne
Whakatane District Council

Kia ora Alan,

Thank you for your request for information. I have forwarded your email to the Chief Executive, Steph O’Sullivan, to be responded to under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987. 

Under the aforementioned act, the decision on whether the request is to be granted and, if it is to be granted, in what manner and for what charge (if any); and if the information shall be given or posted to the person who made the request; shall be made as soon as reasonably practicable, and in no case later than 20 working days after the day on which the request is received by that local authority.

Please see our public website for information about making an official information request and the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 under which such information is given:


If you have any further enquiries, please call us directly on 07 306 0500 or email [email address]

Ngâ mihi,

Pearl Tâne
Executive Support

P 07 306 2030 Ext 7823 F 07 307 0718
E [email address] W www.whakatane.govt.nz
Cnr Kakahoroa Drive & Quay Street, Private Bag 1002, Whakatâne 3158, New Zealand

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From: Roslyn Barlow
Whakatane District Council

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Kia ora Alan


Please find attached a letter from the Chief Executive in response to your
LGOIMA request.


Ngā mihi




Roslyn Barlow
Executive Support .

P 07 306 0500 Ext 7801   DDI 07 306 2021   F 07 306 2692
E [1][email address]   W [2]whakatane.govt.nz
Commerce Street, Private Bag 1002, Whakatāne 3158, New Zealand


The content of this email is confidential information and may also be
legally privileged,
intended only for the person named above. If this email is not addressed
to you, you
must not use, read, distribute or copy this document. If you have received
this document
by mistake, please call us on 0800 WDCICT and destroy the original
message. Thank you.


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From: Carol Flynn

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Dear Alan,




Thank you for your request for information dated 9^th March 2021, which
was transferred by Whakatāne District Council and received by the Bay of
Plenty Regional Council (Council) on 17^th March 2021.

Your request for information is being considered as a request under the
Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (the Act).

We will make a decision on your request and communicate this decision to
you as soon as possible and no later than 16^th April 2021, which is 20
working days after the day on which we received your request as per
Section 13(1) of the Act.  We will then make available any information we
decide to release to you without undue delay.

The response date shown takes into account:

 1. Good Friday (2 April 2021)
 2. Easter Monday (5 April 2021)

We are entitled to charge for a request for information if we consider it
is reasonable to do so.  If we decide to charge you for the information
requested then we are not obligated to release the information to you if
you do not agree to pay the charge.

If you contact the Council about this request, please quote the BOPRC
reference number above.

Ngā Mihi │ Kind regards,


Carol Flynn
Customer Contact Advisor
Bay of Plenty Regional Council Toi Moana

P: 0800 884 880 DD: 0800 884 881 x8999
E: [1][email address]
W: [2]www.boprc.govt.nz
A: PO Box 364, Whakatāne 3158, New Zealand


Thriving together – mō te taiao, mō ngā tāngata



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2. http://www.boprc.govt.nz/

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Simon Marks left an annotation ()

@Alan Thompson: Let it go mate, your near constant OIA are achieving nothing. Just enjoy your retirement (I make the full assumption you are retired and have nothing better to do with your time).

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