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From: James Lochead

Dear Auckland Regional Council,

could you please explain to me why despite, bylaws that appear prohibit it.

People are trading from the side of the road in Waiuku. I know this by-law pre dates franklin council being incorporated into the Auckland council.

1) are these rules still enforceable. If not why have they not been re drafted?
2) who enforces them as the council appears not to be enforcing these laws. also how many enforcement officers dose the council have and what are they tasked with enforcing?
2b) why aren't they being enforced?
3) as these people I assume don't pay tax on their earnings, don't pay business rates and don't pay rent and I guess no GST either. How is this fair to the people with premises. Who are being under cut by people who appear not to have any right to be trading in a prime location without any overheads or taxes?

I'm not talking about people at the end of their drive selling a few plants, I'm talking about people with vans or large cars who don't live there (waiuku netball courts and on the side of king street) and selling large quantities of high value fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Yours faithfully,

James Lochead

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