Peter Ellis Apology II

Ross Francis made this Official Information request to Radio New Zealand Limited

The request was partially successful.

From: Ross Francis

Dear Radio New Zealand Limited,

In your recent reply to me, you attached a copy of a statement that was "published on October 18, 2015 at the BSA's direction". The BSA ordered, on 3 September 2004, that RNZ publish an apology to Peter Ellis in various newspapers within a month of its decision.

On what date(s) did RNZ publish an apology to Mr Ellis, and was an apology published in various newspapers on the same date? I do not believe the date of publication was 18 October 2015.

In my previous request I asked for all information about any complaints made to RNZ about the "Nathan" interview. However, despite considerable correspondence between Mr Ellis, his lawyers, and RNZ, I did not receive any documents from RNZ. The BSA identified at least 11 pieces of correspondence from Mr Ellis to RNZ, or from RNZ to Mr Ellis. I would appreciate copies of that correspondence and any other correspondence to or from RNZ about Nathan's interview. The date range for my request is 1 August 2003 to 30 June 2004.

Please send me copies of this correspondence.

Yours faithfully,

Ross Francis

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From: George Bignell
Radio New Zealand Limited

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Dear Mr Francis


Any papers relating to the Ellis complaint are now held offsite at our
storage area at our transmission building in Titahi Bay, Wellington.  That
building is only accessed intermittently.


As a result of a visit in late January, I am now able to send you the
attached documents.


I understand from the Broadcasting Standards Authority that their file is
now held at the National Archive which may be a more comprehensive record
of the documents you seek.  Unfortunately this was only confirmed after
the deadline date that the Official Information Act provides for the
transferring of requests from one entity to another.


Finally, I confirm that the apology was published on October 18, 2005.


As we are required to do, this message is to also advise you that our
response to your request can be referred to the Ombudsman’s Office for
review under s 28 (3) of the Official Information Act if you wish.


Kind regards


George Bignell| OIA Inquiries Coordinator



DDI +64 4 474 1424 | [mobile number]





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