Coffee Kiosk Great King street Bus Hub

Greg Lapwood made this Official Information request to Otago Regional Council

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From: Greg Lapwood

Dear Otago Regional Council,

In relation to the Great King St Bus Hub .
It was my understanding that a Coffee Kiosk was to be installed in the Bus Hub next to the public toilets.

Was it ever built and how much did it cost ?
If it was built , where is it ?
If it is or was in storage , how much is that costing per month to store ?
Why has it not been installed ?

Yours faithfully,
Greg Lapwood

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From: James Gribble
Otago Regional Council

Dear Greg,

Thank you for your information request below.

We will endeavour to have a response with you as soon as possible, but not later than 4 February 2020 unless there is a need to extend the time frame.

Kind regards,


James Gribble

P 0800 474 082 | M 027 578 4207
[email address]
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From: James Gribble
Otago Regional Council

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Dear Greg,


I refer to your information request below.


Please find response attached.


Kind regards,




James Gribble

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